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City Shopping

Shopping with a small group in The Hague, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Maastricht, Antwerp or any other great city.

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What others say

Three steps to a more confident appearance

Jan Pieter Koopman | ENT specialistThis year I heard that Sandra Vos was working as a stylist. Because it was time for a change and I don’t like shopping I asked her to help me to detox my wardrobe and shop for new clothes. Sandra was very professional, and through her knowledge and pleasant company it was a big succes. I recommend it to everyone. The real proof was in the compliments I received from friends, family and colleagues.


Marian van den Beitel  | HR ManagerAfter my pregnancy a lot of my clothes didn’t fit anymore or were outdated or too worn. My wardrobe was a mess. Sandra is a pleasant person and she had valuable advice for me, for instance which clothes would suit my body shape. After this I asked her to go shopping with me. We went to very affordable shops and succeeded to find some good buys. I should have enough knowledge to make the right choices next time I go shopping. If not, I will ask Sandra again!

Let me

style you!

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Do you want a decluttered wardrobe filled with clothes that suit your body and personal style? 

Do you recognize this?
A wardrobe filled with clothes, but nothing to wear?
Spent a huge amount on clothes that you never wear? 
A new fase in your life and you want it to show?
Too much of the same things hanging around?
A Capsule wardrobe your dream?

Discover how to look and feel 
your best every day!

Do you want to look great and wear cloths that bring out the best of you and suit your life style, personal style and figure?

Do you recognize this?
• Ready for something new and 
Want to give your confidence 
a boost?
Having a hard time changing your personal style? 
Need personal advice to enhance your style?

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Buy clothes that suit your style? Spend your money wiseley? 
Being happy and staying happy with your purchases?

Do you recognize this?
Overwhelmed when you are shopping for clothes?
Often choose the wrong style?
Limited time to shop?
Buy what is in fashion now and 
not what fits you better?
Always shopping in your comfortzone?

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personal shopper!Contact_Eng.html